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What's your need?

Tony Robbins refers to 6 basic human needs which affect your behaviours and your overall sense of well-being;

1. Certainty 2. Uncertainty/Variety 3. Significance 4. Connection/Love 5. Growth 6. Contribution

Under normal circumstances if our needs are not being met it can really negatively impact our sense of well-being. At the moment things are far from normal, which makes it even more challenging to fulfil our needs.

So if you’re feeling a little funky, don’t beat yourself up because shit is weird right now. Things are far from certain for anyone...variety is are still significant it just may not feel and connection is being challenged...and whilst we still have an opportunity to grow and contribute it just sucks a little right now because of all the above.

Please #staysafe and if you need to talk.... Peace & Love ❤️

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