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Are you making progress in the gym?

So you’ve hit been hitting the gym for a while now and you’re thinking to yourself “I’m working really hard, but why is nothing happening?!!” I had someone approach me with this exact situation only last week and I’ve heard it a lot over the last 10 years.

The truth is, progress can be much slower than we would really like. Depending on where you’re starting from results can happen quite quickly in the beginning but unfortunately, it never goes in a linear line and inevitably at some point, it will slow down and you hit the dreaded plateau.

This is when a lot of people get frustrated and throw in the towel, resorting to a ‘quick fix’ magical diet or move on to the next coach or try a new form of training. In my experience, you’re far better off persevering and if you are wavering consider the following signs to confirm your efforts are not in vain;

You are adding weights and/or repetitions to your lifts, you are receiving compliments from people you’ve not seen for a while, your confidence is improving, your body fat is reducing, you have more discipline and are making better choices. You are ‘maintaining’ even during crazy times in your life, you forgive yourself instantly for any moments of indulgence and lastly but most importantly, what you see in the mirror looks different.

Keep going and always move forward, even if progress is slow, you’re still making progress. You will get there, important work takes time, patience, persistence and consistency. Own the process, enjoy it and you will get there.

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