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There are currently 13 million women going through menopause in the UK.  4.3 million of them are aged between 45-55 years old, which is the fastest growing demographic in the workforce.

SB Wellbeing provides training for companies who are serious about providing support for their female staff going through menopause. Also, up-skilling managers and leaders on what they need to know. 

Manager training includes what menopause is, how it can affect the individual at work, as well as the bigger picture of how it can impact the business, and how best to support them. 


Colleague training is for anyone going through menopause or supporting someone who is.  It's fully inclusive and highly interactive. 

The two programmes can be run back to back or separately and be delivered via webinar or in-person.

For more information and to book your training please get in touch.

Here's what people are saying...

" Thank you Sally for an amazing presentation yesterday – I had lots of the team say how good it was and how much they had learnt." - Leonard Design Architects, Nottingham

"Just to say everyone absolutely loved training session 1!! The feedback from the second session was ace!! - Co-op Academy, Failsworth


"Open & frank conversation. Very factual and a great all round guide" - tp bennett, London


"The more staff that have this training the better, especially principle/director level." - tp bennett, London

"A lot of employers have 'wellbeing' programmes concentrating on eating well / exercise / mental health, but this subject is just as, if not more important' - Mason Owen Financial Services, Liverpool

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5 Strategies For Your Mind & Body To Boost Your Menopause Health

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