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Ann-Marie Atkins
Managing Partner, Financial Planning

"I'd recommend Sally because she is real.  She will challenge you, she will know when to take a little step back and be more empathetic and be understanding as you go through difficult times.


She will give you suggestions and understand what you're going through. She's a really trusting person to work with and full of upbeat energy"

Cherry Booth
Finanance Director

Since working with Sally I've got ME back!  She supports and motivates, but is realistic and understanding of my stressful daily life and energy levels.  It's hard work and can be challenging at times, but most importantly you get results!

Joanne Bibby

I've been with Sally for over 3 years now, and wouldn't be with anyone else. Don't get me wrong the work we do isn't always easy, but nothing worth getting usually is right!

But what you do get is results, a giggle and a friendly word when it's needed.

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