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Injury prevention is better than cure

Andy Murray has been through an emotional roller coaster over the last few weeks. Only a week after he declared a possible retirement due to his ongoing hip injury, a top US hip surgeon has announced he may be able to save his career.

If you’re a top athlete or a rookie starting out on a new activity the last thing you want is to be laid-off with an injury. I’ve seen my fair share of sprains and strains during my time as a Sports Therapist and for the patient it’s often not pretty, physically and mentally.

Whether you’re playing rugby, netball or working out at a gym it’s possible to pick up an injury if you’re not prepared for the physical demands. So it’s important to pace yourself and watch out for potential risk of trauma.

One of my biggest tips - prevention is better than cure. The best way to avoid injuries is proper preparation. For example if you’ve decided to take on a 10k or a full marathon for the first time this year it’s a good idea to improve your overall fitness and strength levels before you start running the longer distances.

Think about preparing the body for exercise with a sound mobility programme to get your body moving freely through its full range of movement. Also ensure you are using the correct techniques and have the right equipment, such as a proper pair of shoes that fits your running style.

And if you do feel a little ‘niggle’ my best advice would be don’t leave it, go and see a professional and let them take a look.

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