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Think of food as fuel for the body

A calorie is a unit of measurement. When discussing nutrition it refers to the amount of energy in the food and beverages that we drink. This energy is absolutely essential so that we can live and stay healthy. Think of food as fuel for your body so it can function on a daily basis, similar to filling your car with petrol to make it run.

But not all calories are equal. Depending on the food source, they will have very different impact on your hormones which is very important in the pursuit of weight loss.

Consider a chicken breast and a donut which both have the same number of calories. If you eat less of them you will lose weight, however they will send very different signals to your body.

Chicken is mostly protein, the most hunger suppressing type of food you can eat and also the most important for your body. It’s chewy and meaty and is a lot more dense, so when you’ve had a meal containing chicken it will leave you feeling full and satisfied until your next meal.

The humble donut is a whole different ball game! It’s mainly fat and sugar with virtually no protein content. This hits your hormonal system up in quite the opposite way. Eating a donut creates a powerful tongue/brain connection that can cause a desire for even more pleasurable high calorie tastes. This is why it’s easy to eat a donut and crave more within a couple of hours. Eating too many donuts equals too many calories.

So next time you’re in the supermarket fly past that donut stand to bag your chicken!

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